365Lax is a national organization that was founded, began, and still operates out of Long Island NY & has offices in Charleston South Carolina but services players from most states with the partnership with Vantage Sports.

Formed in 2008 by previous High School All-Americans who likewise were Division 1 Collegiate All-Stars & Professional Lacrosse Players in both the Major League Lacrosse (MLL) and the National Lacrosse League (NLL) that was formed with the goal of providing a variety of ‘multi-faceted’ lacrosse-specific administrations to players of all ages, merit, and gender.

Our goal is to offer these game particular services lasting through the year, to accommodate each type of athlete & provide them with an opportunity to play all year round. The name 365Lax derived from that mantra meaning ‘the number of days in a year’ and the slang word for lacrosse.

Here at 365Lax, our staff puts stock in providing both the individual preparation to streamline the player’s maximum capacity, and to effectively give players a stage to assist them with displaying their talent to amplify their presentation & maximize their exposure.

Private Training Experts

For over 15 years now, 365Lax has been training athletes from all across Long Island and down in South Carolina & Florida and we believe in our coaching styles and how we approach our private trainings.  With our sponsorship with Vantage Sports, it allows players the opportunity to be coached by current college players, which offers our customers many different options of coaches & price points based on the proximity and availability of our coaches.   Click Here to Book a Lesson with one of Expert Coaches no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced player, we do not turn anyone away. 


Meet Our Team

Richi Lachalandra from LIU Post

Showcase Teams



Subsequent to the foundation of 365Lax, we have had 3 High School All Americans, Several College All Americans with more than 150 student-athletes to go on to play collegiate lacrosse from Division I-III NCAA programs notwithstanding NJCAA, NAIA, and MLCA programs through our recruiting showcase teams and training programs. Here’s a list of over 50 players who committed over the past 4 years:

  • Michael Ippoliti: ’23 G: Syracuse (D1)
  • Brian Luzzi: ’22 A: Cornell (D1) (HS All American)
  • Jonathan Angel: ’20 A: Hampton (D1)
  • Nick Frankel ’20 M: Hartford (D1)
  • Jack Liselli ’20 G: VMI (D1)
  • Trey Connolly: ’19 A, Molloy (D2)
  • Aidan Wrynn ’19 A: Maritime (D3)
  • Sean Boll ’19 A: LIU Post (D1)
  • Patrick Schnell ’19 A/M: U Tampa (D2)
  • Brandon McClintock ’19 A: NYIT (D2)
  • Kevin Leon ’19 M: Hartford (D1)
  • Thomas Greenblatt ’19 A: Binghamton (D1) *NCAA Division 1 All American
  • Lance Montalbano ’19 D: Maritime (D3)
  • Max May ’19 G: Muhlenberg (D3)
  • Matt DeSouza ’19 FO: Binghamton (D1)
  • Justin Copolla ’19 FO/M: Villanova (D1)
  • Cole Manos ’19 A: VMI (D1)
  • Boots Lackey ’19 D: VMI (D1)
  • Michael Porcelli ’19 FO: Providence (D1)
  • Peter Rocco ’19 A: Scranton (D3)
  • Nicholas West: ’23 G: Queens University of Charlotte (D2)
  • Rob Barerra: ’22 D: St. John’s (D1)
  • Ryan Smith: ’22 M: Mercy (D2)
  • Andrew Janet ’19 G: Furman (D1)
  • Liam Entenmann ’19 G: Notre Dame (D1) – *HS All American & 2x D1 All American
  • Jeffrey Atlas ’18 A: Florida Southern (D2) -All American
  • JC Greenblatt, ’18 G: Oswego (D3)
  • Daniel Burnham ’18 M: Georgian Court (D3)
  • Anthony Coppola ’18 M: Binghamton (D1)
  • Anthony Culley ’18 A: St. John’s (D1)
  • Jack Hawley ’18 A: Hopkin’s (D1)
  • Bailey Konen ’18 A: Geneseo (D3)
  • Liam Fairback ’20 A: Colgate (D1)
  • Alex Monyihan ’20 M: Cornell (D1)
  • Robert Flohr ’20 G: Mercy (D2)
  • Ryan Flanegan ’19 A: Elizabethtown (D3)
  • Dylan McClintock ’19 A: NYIT (D2)
  • Joe DeMonte ’19 D: Hartford (D1)
  • Alex Keener ’19 D: St Joseph’s (D1)
  • Peter Monyihan: ’23 A, Yale (D1) 
  • Vin Scalzo: ’22 M: Belmont Abbey (D2)
  • Andrew McAdorey ’20 M, Duke – *HS All American
  • Rob Guglielmo ’19 A: Mercy (D2)
  • Spencer Frank ’19 M: Hartford (D1)
  • Christian Lyons ’19 M: Manhattan (D1)
  • Colin Hart ’19 D: Brown (D1)
  • Graham Childs ’19 D: Hofstra (D1)
  • Matthew Zito ’19 D: Furman (D1)
  • Grant Brunsvold ’19 M: Lindenwood (D1) – *HS AA*
  • Dane Hall ’19 M: UMBC (D1)
  • Connor Kalmus ’19 M: St. John’s (D1)
  • Dan Hewitt ’18 M: Monmouth (D1)
  • Tim Grosso ’18 M: Cortland (D3)
  • George Moschos ’18 G: Dickinson (D3)
  • Daniel Chand ’18 A: Bellarmine (D1)
  • Brody Agres ’18 G: St. John’s (D1)
  • Derek Kohut’19 D:  Mercyhurst (D3)
  • Matthew Zito ’19 D: Furman (D1)
  • Pat Mooney ’19 M: Scranton (D3)



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