365Lax offers Clinics each season throughout the year as a form of small group, more individualized instruction that is second to none. We offer this specific lacrosse service to provide players an opportunity to work on their individual development and to play with other athletes that can help make it more ‘game-like’ that will enhance their skills in all aspects of the game even if they are playing on a travel or school team because most teams do not work on the individual development as they work on the team concept and schematic strategies such as 6 on 6 offense, defense & man-up and man-down so the Clinics are great way to enhance your skills. Our clinics are supervised and instructed by our elite coaching staff which consists of both current and former collegiate & professional lacrosse players & coaches (Click Here to view our coaches bio’) where there is a 4:1 Player to Coach Ratio that is unparalleled to any other program to ascertain each player receives the individual attention necessary. Our objective is to focus on position specific drills in addition to covering the major aspects of the game to teach novices and to improve intermediate to advanced players skills, fundamentals, knowledge of the game and to prepare players in the offseason and preseason. The curriculum is both a baseline program that is relevant for players of all levels and gender. Within the curriculum, we will introduce players responsibilities and the rules for each position as well as cutting edge skills and developmental drills. Contingent on the clinic, it may be a one-day, multi-day or weekly clinic which are calculated & comprehensive training drills that progressively become more challenging. Participants will concentrate either on one specific aspect/discipline or multiple facets of the game that include but are not limited to Shooting, Dodging, Clearing, Stick Skills, Defense, Ground-Balls, & Fast-Breaks.


  • Speciality Clinics | Advanced to Elite Players
  • Position Specific Training Clinics | Amateurs to Elite Players
  • General Fundamental Clinics | Beginners to Advanced Players
  • Preparation (Preseason & Offseason) Clinics | Intermediate to Advanced Players


  • Hours of Hands-On Instruction Facilitated by our Elite Coaching Staff with a 4:1 Player to Coach Ratio
  • Player Offseason & Preseason Workout Programs that Include Strength & Conditioning Training & Lacrosse Skills Training by certified trainers who have trained HS All-Americans, Division 1 Collegiate Players and Professionals
  • Be included in our Rewards Program for all ‘365Laxers’ where you can receive credit, bonus dollars applicable to any 365Lax Training Program and our college scholarship fund
  • Access to Division I Collegiate Players & Coaches
  • Access to both Current & Former Professionals in the MLL & NLL
  • Opportunity to Meet Other Players From Your Area & All Across Long Island
  • Discounts for Personalized/Individual &/Or Group Lessons


09:00 a.m. – 09:05 a.m. Players Check-In
09:05 a.m. – 09:15 a.m. Introductions & Warm-Ups
09:15 a.m. – 09:30 a.m. Stance & Fundamentals
09:30 a.m. – 09:40 a.m. Demo of Specific Aspect being Covered
09:40 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Drills Covering Daily Aspect
10:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Game Scenarios/Small Sided Scrimmage


  • WHAT: Position Specific Training Clinic to work with our elite staff and perform consistent repetitions to master your craft (Attack, Mid, Def + Goalie)
  • WHO: Boys & Girls _ Grades 3rd – 11th
  • WHEN: Monday, October 10th from 10:00am – 11:30am
  • WHERE: Kolm’s Memorial Park (Triangle Park) (321 East Old Country Rd., Hicksville, NY)
  • TUITION: $50 for 1.5 Hours + 365Lax Apparel (Member of Team 365Lax & Apply a $10 Off)
    • EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: $10 Off (Must Pre-Register by September 15th) }
    • FAMILY MEMBER DISCOUNT: $10 Off (Applies to Each Member – Must be Relatives of 2 or More
    • TEAM 365LAX MEMBER: $10 Off (Must be Team 365Lax Member in 2015 &/or 2016)
    • GROUP DISCOUNT: $10 (Must have 4 or more players registered together)


Registration is currently closed but please check back in August and if you want to receive alerts of upcoming events, be sure to ‘Sign Up To Our Newsletter’ that you can find on the bottom of the page.


Whether you’re a novice, a player with a year or less of experience or a player looking to take your game to the next level, our clinics are designed to help you achieve your goals whether they may be improving your stick skills, enhancing your shot speed, learning how to cradle, tuning up your skills after not playing for a while, etc.  When I played back in the late 90’s to early 2000’s, I wish I had the opportunity to learn from College & Professional athletes at clinics but there were only a handful of programs back then and the sport wasn’t nearly as big as it is now. However, I was fortunate to be surrounded by a few of the best players in the game from my hometown like A.J Haugen who was a MLL Champion and Matt Rewkowski, a 3X All-American from Duke & John Hopkins who is now the current Men’s lacrosse Assistant Coach at Georgetown UniversityThomas Michaelsen, President of 365Lax Interested in learning more about our clinics or interested in signing up? Send us a message us by clicking on the Contact Us tab or give us a call! You can also check Back Of The Cage for other Clinics taking place on the Island & on the North East.